The 2017 BET Awards


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The 2017 BET Awards was the first time I watched the awards (from beginning to end) in about 4 or 5 years. Usually, I just watched the highlights, because it hadn’t been as entertaining to me.  I decided to be spontaneous and give it another go this year and I’m happy that I watched the awards. There was a few “hell no” moments, but that had nothing to do with BET. The lineup was amazing. The artist and actresses who won awards all deserved it. It was just all around good and I’ll explain why.

Leslie Jones – The Host

Leslie Jones was a pretty cool host. She was funny and she joked about things that people tried to ruin her with… I don’t need to go into details, do I? I also liked how she talked to the old Leslie and gave her advice and told her what to expect in the future. On top of all of that, this woman will be 50 this year and she looks amazing for her age. Go Leslie!

Lifetime Achievement Award – New Edition

I’ll admit that I have NOT seen The New Edition movie, but after last night, I’ll be watching it very soon. Without watching this movie, I know this award was well deserved, they’ve all been through a lot, so I’m happy BET decided to present this award to them. It’s both amazing and a blessing that they’re all here. We know (and Johnnie reminded us) that Hollywood can build you up and make you feel loved and wanted, but they can also break you down and make you feel hated and mentally depressed. Yes, I know they’re all shy of 50, which is young, but so many who they came up with didn’t make it this far. I’m proud of all them and I’m this reunification happened in my time.

Xscape – Reuniting?

Xscape was umm decent. Tiny was just horrible all the way around, but she was pretty. And not to mention, she messed up her own lyrics in Understanding! I know I didn’t write the song, but I KNOW those lyrics and when she  said “you betta listen to me boy” instead of “you should have listened to me boy,” I got irritated.

Now Kandi sounded good in Understanding, but then I think she started feeling herself too much because in Just Kicking It she took a turn for the worse- or maybe she was just tired. The other two girls, who are not as much in the limelight as Tiny and Kandi were better than both of them.

If they’re going to reunite, they need to do it the right way. When you’re coming back out, you’re suppose to kill it! You’re suppose to show the world that you have what it takes. New Edition was better than them and they’ve been out the game longer than Xscape.

Humanitarian Award/Best New Artist – Chance The Rapper


I just recently heard of him when my 22-year old coworker was asking me if I knew one of his songs. I didn’t think I did until she played No Problem. Even then, I still didn’t know the man behind the music until last night. I’m a music head, so this morning, I spent time listening to Color Book and all I asked myself is “Where have you been?” He is a dope artist! He makes real music and he donated 1 million dollars to Chicago’s CPS and then a series of 10,000 to 10 different schools in the city! He’s blessed, so he’s sharing his blessings. This man is 24-years old and he is the youngest person to win this award! His speech was amazing and he brought his mother as his plus one. The Obama’s even showed him love! Shutout to him and I promise I’m keeping tabs on him from here on out.

Best Male R&B/Pop Award – Bruno Mars

He’ll be the last person I touch on just because he’s a first time BET Award winner and attender and he opened the show with Perm. He got the crowd hype and ready to get out of there seats and dance. Again, this is another award that was well deserved! When I hear Bruno sing, I sometimes get that old school vibe and he has in own style! He don’t follow these latest trends and he’s not just going with the flow. I was surprised that this was his first BET Awards! But did you all see him sleep during Mary’s performance?

This is just my brief overview of the Bet Awards. There was a few performances that could have been better, but overall it was worth the full four hours! Nothing but love to Bet who continue to show love and support to the Back community and embrace the culture because outside of the performances, that’s what the Bet Awards is all about. No other Network (outside of TV one) has given us this much love and dedication.

Source: C Flanigan / Getty Chance The Rapper hit the stage tonight to accept the prestigious Humanitarian Award–and his glory-filled speech did not disappoint. The Chicago native, who burst onto the scene with his spirit laden mixtape, Coloring Book, humbling accepted the honor. Chance has been vocally committed to encouraging fine arts education in Chi-town’s low…

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Love: Why do you want it?

As I think about love, I remember having a conversation with a male friend about this topic.

Love is such a small word, but it’s so complex, and depending on the person, it can be difficult to define.

We often learn love from the environment we’re in it, whether we received it and was allowed to show or if we didn’t see it all, or if we knew a person loved us, they just never showed it.

Despite how you grew up, a lot of women want to experience love. No, not love from a parent, child, or friend, but love from a man. Do we know why this is?

Recently, I was complaining about being in my late twenties and although I’m on the right career path, I’m single with no prospects for my future husband or a man to be the father of my future children. So I was asked, “Why do you want love and what do you want from?” This question had me speechless, which is very rare. I know that I want love so I won’t be alone as my age continues to increase and friends and old peers begin to have kids, tie the knot, or both and I feel like I’m missing out on something so wonderful in life. I want to be able to share my life with someone else other than my family. That’s why I want love, but I wasn’t able to clearly answer the second the part of the question, “Why do you want it?” My respond was, “What woman doesn’t want love?”  I answered the question with a question because I don’t know how else to answer it.

We [women] complain about men and how they’re not ready for love or ready to take the next step, but maybe it’s us? Maybe we don’t know what we want and when someone does come around who could be what we want, we turn them away, because we’re scared. We’re scared that he may hurt us, or damage, or love us!

Women want so much from men physically, but when the time comes, often we put on a shield and scare them away.

So, I ask you why do you want love and what do want from it? Are you willing to give a man a try who wants to love or will you push him away- until he feels hurt and helpless?


Let ‘Em Go #LAsAdvice

As we grow, and succeed and become that person we’ve always dreamt we’d be in life, we will lose people who we thought would be in our corners forever. It hurts when the time comes, you’re confused, you feel like you did something wrong, and you’re trying to come to terms with the fact that this person is no longer your friend. I know you’ve probably heard this saying too many times to count, but some people are in your  life for a reason and then there’s those who God put in your life for a season.  If a person can’t be happy for you and celebrate your success with you, like it’s their own success, then let that person go! Life is too short and too precious to spend with people who don’t care about you or your accomplishments. So, today just let those people go! Don’t stress over them not wanting to be apart of this new chapter in your life. Yes it’s hurtful and yes it’s hard to take in, but that’s life- people come and people, you just have to learn how to allow them to leave and let them go, so you can flourish.

Do You! #LAAdvice

We all have that one friend, or that one family member who loves to tell everyone else what they should or shouldn’t be doing. You know that family member that tells you not to talk to Darnell, because he’s a ladies man, meanwhile she’s taking care of her baby daddy, Jodi, who still lives at home with his mother and he’s sleeping with his other baby mama? Or that woman from church who tells you need to stay out them night clubs, getting naked for any and everyone but she’s low key creeping with Deacon Brown? A sin is a sin, so you showing your pussy for bands is no different than her popping it for free.

We live in a judgmental world, a world that will build you up and tare you back down if you allow it. We can’t base what we do and how we choose live life off of others perceptions, otherwise we’ll never be happy in what we do. Remember that there’s always someone judging you, there’s always someone, somewhere turning their nose up at you. So, if you want to strip, strip, if you want to mess with a dope boy, do you, and if you want to hold back on sex until you get married, then do that. But don’t let anyone stop you from doing you, because blessings come in all forms, shapes, and sizes and you don’t won’t to miss out on yours blessing, living life how someone else wants you to live.