Halloween Controversy

Photo Courtesy: http://www.cartesmamielise.net/
Photo Courtesy: http://www.cartesmamielise.net/

Halloween is one of the most controversy holidays. Some people say it’s the devil’s day and those who celebrate Halloween are celebrating him and showing him reconization. It’s understandable why those people associate Halloween with the devil, because this holiday obviously represents evil.

Then there is the group of people who think Halloween is a chance for kids and adults to be someone else for a day. It allows kids to have fun and go Trick or Treating. Then there’s the people who believe only irresponsible parents allow their children go Trick or Treating. ‘You tell your kids not to beg or take anything from strangers 364 days a year, but now it’s okay?’

What are your opinions? Do you allow your children to enjoy this holiday? Did you enjoy this Holiday as an child? If you don’t celebrate Halloween, is there something else you allow your children to partake in? But if so, isn’t that still showing reconization to Halloween and all it represents?

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