Get Up & Vote: Midterm Elections


Not many people take Midterm Elections seriously. Is it because they don’t exactly understand what it is and how important it is? Or is it because they don’t care? Ironically, these same people don’t care to vote or don’t care enough about it to learn why it’s important is the same ones with all the complaints.
A midterm election is important because it allows citizens to elect their representatives in the middle of the term of the executive or of another set of members. This is used to describe elections to an upper house of a legislature where only a fraction of seats are up.

In this set up, one set of members are replaced, while the other set aren’t; they’d be replaced at an election which is not any officeholder’s “mid-term”, usually along with elections of that officeholder. The legislators may have the same or longer fixed term of office than the executive, which facilitates an election mid-term.

This usually isn’t as effective in The United States of America, mostly because not enough people get involved. So this Tuesday on  November 4 get out there, vote and make a difference. Maybe things will work in your favor, maybe they won’t but you tried and attempted to make a difference and sometimes that’s what really matters. If you need reassurance check out ‘Wake Up Everybody’ a song which has been remade numerous times to reminds us of the issues one must face everyday.

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