Blacks & Stereotypes

sagging boys and girls ii

“Have we overcome all the stereotypes portrayed against blacks?
Saggy pants, bitter women, ‘nigga this and nigga that?’
Do we encourage those who already look down on us?
Each time I see my people acting out it cuts.
So ‘niggas’ want a bad bitch and ‘bitches’ accept that title.
Im taking a stand, let’s terminate this cycle.
And what’s a real nigga, how is that interpreted?
Money, hoes, cars; where’s my interpreter?
How can you not want better for our people?
They look at us and call us feebles.
What is that we’re lacking? Who says they’re better
We all have the power to be go getters.
And Worldstar Hip-Hop is everything- it’s very exploitive.
Do you all realize it makes us look so corrosive?
Twerking, challenges, fighting- an embarrassment.
All them likes and shares, just passing judgement.
Ape, nigger, jiggyboo, worthless, sounds familiar?
All these names we’re called, none are peculiar.
We need to make a change and show them who can be.
All it takes is one person, ask yourself ‘could it be me?’”

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