Nineties Remakes ?


Remember that time Brandy and Monica vocally fought over Mekhi Phifer?  That was sixteen years ago when ‘The Boy Is Mine” first premiered. Or when Whitney Houston said “Its Not Alright, But Its Okay ?”  Both songs were instant hits and many young girls all the world mimicked these women.

It has been twenty years since both of those songs came out and  Rodney ‘Darkchid’  Jerkins believes remaking these songs will be the best reunion.

Next year is my 20-year anniversary and I’m doing a very special project. Some originals as well as reimagined hits. So for example, I’ll do the ‘The Boy Is Mine’ with Ariana and Jessie J. Sam is doing ‘It’s Not Right It’s Okay’ by Whitney Houston, which Sam told me was the song that made him want to sing. When I asked him if he’d be a part of this project he was like, “No one else can do that song but me!” Sam’s the truth. He has a great heart and he’s genuine. His music speaks for who he is. This is a project I’m really looking forward to.

Now this is a great idea he has come  up with, but I can’t wait to see if Ariana and Jessie can live up to the Duo, this is not to say they aren’t good artist, but when you do a remake it has to be amazing! Sam Smith is one of the best newer and younger singers to date, so I’m sure he’ll do Whitney’s song justice.

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