Embrace Yourself


Many people have insecurity issues. Maybe you feel obese or maybe you feel ugly? Everyone you see online is the perfect size, the perfect tone, they’re flawless. Right? If only you had her hair, or if only you had his muscles. If you didn’t have to wear glasses or if you didn’t have those pimples, life would be a lot easier. Right? Those are just some of the issue a person can go through on a daily basis. They’ll beat themselves up because they don’t look like that girls who was damned there airbrushed on the magazine or that girl who photo shopped her picture or maybe it’s that guy who filtered his photo so he wouldn’t have any abnormalities in his it. I went through my insecure stage, in fact I may still be going through it. I always hated my lips- until someone, who is now a good friend of mine said ‘I love your lips, they’re so nice and full.” I’m like “what my lips, I hate them!” She pretty much forced me to wear lipstick and made me embrace the beauty of my lips. Another thing I was ashamed of was my natural hair. Its would always brake off and I’d always wear braids or extensions. Well, everyone kept telling me how amazing I’d look with my natural hair. So after about five years of hearing that. I cut my hair (that was in July) and I love it! It’s growing back and it’s healthy. I’ve learned to love everything about myself, some of the things were through the help of others, but the others was just me realizing who I am and embracing myself.  A funny thing about my situation is a guy who use to always have something to say about in High School in-boxed me on FB, as if he’d really get some play.

I just really want everyone to know you’re not alone, we’ve all been there, we all have our insecurity issues and you have to ignore the negativity and focus on you. Oh and have anyone told you lately how beautiful and amazing you are? If you let me be the first one. And remember just because someone says they ‘woke up like that’ doesn’t mean they really did and doesn’t mean they don’t have insecurities of their own.

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