Don’t Become a Meme, Make Your Tax Dollars Stretch


Something’s in the air. It must be tax season because insulting memes, videos, and quotes have been surfacing the web since early December 2014.

As we all know, anyone making under a certain amount of money is guaranteed to get a couple of thousand dollars back. But, each year the IRS uncovers millions of dollars that has been illegally claimed by Americans. This is not to say that everyone does this, but it is being done. Regardless, shopping centers, car lots and every other store becomes overpopulated when refunds are dispersed. People are so quick to run to a store or car lot to spend the cash, but they don’t think about saving their money until it’s too late. They dress spectacular and fabulous in the top name brands for a couple weeks, trying to show off and impress anyone who’ll watch. Then they’re in a pit (within a month) when bills are due and their bank account reads zero dollars.

One way to make sure your money last is to invest in treasury bonds, savings bonds, put a small amount in a stock market or invest in something worthwhile. If you don’t want to go that far, you can open up a protected savings account, which won’t allow you to make withdrawals from the account for a specific amount of time.


There are number of ways you can save your money and make it double. Just because the money is there, doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend it. Pretend like it does not exist, so when you really need it, it’ll be there for you – hopefully with interest.

Don’t be a victim of the cliché memes.

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