“Technology Ruined Us!”


Being in a good and healthy relationship was hard enough to maintain in 90s, 80s, 70s and way back when, but since we were introduced to these new elements of technology over the past decade it’s makes it even harder for most men and women to stay committed to one another.

How many people was really shocked when they learned that Bill Clinton had what is now called a ‘side piece’ ‘sideline hoe’ or ‘side chick’? It wasn’t unheard of in those days, but I’m sure many people were surprised and disgusted to say the least. If we learned today that someone of power cheated on their mate, (or someone without power for that matter) we wouldn’t be surprised, not because it’s expected, but because technology and the fact that internet present every cheater with their handbook. They have access to tons of beautiful men and women. They have apps where they can change their numbers and secretly talk or text on their phones. They even have website specifically designed for cheaters and there are even apps that tells you when a hot woman or man is in your area.

If technology has ruined or is ruining your relationship there are things you can do to try to restore what and your mate have left, such as having a ‘no lock policy’ neither of you will have a lock code on any your devices. This doesn’t mean you can pick his/her phone up and go through it, but your spouse will feel so much better knowing you aren’t hiding anything behind that 4 or 5 digit code. You’d be surprised how much drama within your relationship will decrease if your phone is unlocked.

When it comes to FB, IG, twitter or any of these other social networks don’t add people you don’t know (keep in mind how many relationships begin this way). If you are chatting with an old high school friend on FB, tell your man or woman. Honesty is always the best policy.

Avoid chat room  apps and the apps that’s secretly hooking you up with someone. You don’t have to let technology destroy your relationship. You can prevent it and it can all be so simple.

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