Racism: Does it Exist?


Racism, it’s a term that’s sensitive to many people, but who is really willing to discuss it? No one, well, not until something unruly and disturbing surfaces on the web reminding everyone that there are still people out there who hate others because of their race. This isn’t just a Black and White thing, because those aren’t the only races that has issues with one another. We have Blacks hating Mexicans, Mexicans hating Puerto Ricans, Puerto Ricans hating Whites, Whites hating Blacks, and the circles continues, including every race. We even have Black men and women who are born and raised in Africa hating Black men and women who were born and raised in America, but why?

Many people believe their race is better than every other race, then there are those who hate people of another race because they feel like they take advantage of certain things. People don’t like the fact that Americans get a lot of things given to them, while those who aren’t born in the ‘Land of the free’ have to fight and work hard just to get a public education.

When it comes to Blacks and Whites (the two dominant races of American) it began long ago when Blacks had to be submissive to Whites and some people never liked the idea of Blacks being equivalent to Whites and being given access to same opportunities as them. So the racism never ended. It just began to get passed on from generation to generation.  The same thing applies to Blacks (although it isn’t as common), there is someone with a great grandfather, reminding them how he was treated as child in the 1930s. That builds hatred as well. Not to mention anytime a Black person (despite their age) watch a movie of a White man beating a Black man or raping a Black woman, it builds up anger and emotion.  So what can be done? Is there anything that can be done? We can’t stop teaching Black history and we can’t tell a man or woman to or not to instill in their children? Are there any other options? Do we fight it out? Or do we gone on living, disrespecting one another because it’s what our ancestors had to go through?

Then the racist men and women always have a career when they can harm someone of another race and get away with it. Of course these questions have no answers, no one can honestly and accurately happen these questions, but they can work on being a better person. They can share love and kindness they have in their hearts towards others with the people they love.

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