“Mean tweets” – Barack Obama Edition



(Photo Courtesy: Jimmy Kimmel)

The and only Barack Obama appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to get roasted by the “mean tweets” in the twitter-sphere. Jimmy thinks from time to time it is essential to give celebrities an opportunity to read some of the mean things that people tweet about them. So this time they extended the same courtesy and offered this platform to Obama.

Surprisingly Obama participated in the segment with keen enjoyment and went with the flow of Jimmy Kimmel show. Sure, they were a little cleaner and less cutting than usual, but the President still took the criticisms like a good sport.

One of the tweets (@carold501) read by Obama said “Obama’s hair is looking grayer these days. Can’t imagine why since he doesn’t seem to be one bit worried about all that’s going on”. The irony of this statement lies in the fact that Obama really didn’t seem to care much about the meanness of the tweets that was put in front of him.

On a lighter note, the president disclosed how he’s not allowed to text or drive, and what happens when he wants to have a sandwich at midnight. But with the alarming rate at which things at Ferguson are getting messy, race relations in America were also highlighted.

All in all, President Obama proves himself to be one of the most laid back presidents, not minding the mean tweets and having a good time in general.