Yuna – New Day



(Photo Courtesy: Ryan Seacrest)

Finding a talented singer and song writer can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How about that same artist raising awareness when it comes to female empowerment and a healthy outlook towards life? Yuna, a Malaysian singer has become a world renown individual that without losing any of her cool, comes fully packed with a vibe that is irresistible to not want to become a part of. Originally, Yuna was a D.I.Y., she recorded and crafted her own techniques to make her music as she saw fit. Even better, Yuna doesn’t like putting herself into any one genre because her music reaches all cultures and communities. It shouldn’t have to be restricted to one solid foundation.

Yuna’s most recent song, ‘New Day’ was crafted for ‘The Art of Saving a Life,’ which is a campaign designed to show how vaccines around the world have saved and continue to save many lives. This campaign was an opportunity for artist of all areas to come together in order to support and spread the word. Yuna’s track ‘New Day,’ depicts exactly how one would feel if given the opportunity to be cured of a disease.

Carrying her optimistic outlook towards life to the forefront, you can not help but feel the energy that this track presents. Take a listen not only to fall in love with the song but for a cause worth fighting for.