Things to do Before you Die: Swim with Jellyfish?


Along with the popular misunderstanding of jellyfish actually being able to produce jelly, unlike certain Spongebob Squarepants episodes, if you thought swimming with jellyfish and not getting stung was impossible- fear not, dear readers, you are wrong. The Jellyfish Lake, on the tropical island of Eil Malk, Palau, is just what it sounds like. A lake full of jellyfish- who do not sting.

This marine lake has been isolated from the ocean for years now, and weakened the sting of the jellyfish species living here, making snorkelling and swimming with the jellies a popular tourist attraction.

These jellyfish need light to survive, and thus they migrate with the sun every day from one of the lake to another, giving a view serene enough to render any nature lover speechless. The migration also keeps a balance in the little ecosystem as it churns up all the nutrients and keeps the water fresh.

So, if swimming with jellyfish had always been sitting there in the “fictional” side of your bucket list, you can now move it to the “things to do in summer” list.

Try some new things everyday. Let’s make a difference.