Salma Hayek States her Opnion on Equality

salma hayek
Last year Salma Hayek was being awarded and while so, she stated that she was not a feminist. This undoubtedly caused a stir of sorts that had a lot of people questioning and wanting an answer from the actress. What did she mean? As a woman she was not a feminist, did this mean she wouldn’t stand up for women who are in the industry just like herself? By all means she meant that if men happened to be under the same stress and day to day existence that women have to face and live, she would be advocating an equal protest towards them. Yet now she is declaring herself a feminist. After discovering that her fellow actresses Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence received a wage comparatively lower than their male co-stars in American Hustle.

Salma known to speak her mind, has said exactly what has been on a lot of women’s minds. What did come up was the expectations that Hollywood has about women in their 40’s… that they should also be able to look 20 and be thin. Yet we are talking about actresses that have become mothers, naturally a females body changes through the years. A few wrinkles will appear and after giving birth naturally our hips will widen. However, in the case of Hollywood bigshots…this is looked down upon. And this is why we need Salma Hayek more than ever.

Hayek herself was told from her early acting days that she wouldn’t last in the movie business because of her thick accent. Now she’s started in dozens of films such as the critically acclaimed Frida and will be releasing her own film The Prophet. Already being picked on for characteristics that have made Hayek a household name, shows just how much the big league players…known about their public audience. We love someone we can compare ourselves to and relate with ease.

What goes to show is that once more women need to stand up against the injustice that is served through the disadvantages the are of a lesser pay compared to their male co-stars and the general realization that natural beauty at no matter what age should be sufficient enough.