Happy Birthday ‘Moms’ Mabley!


Born Loretta Mary Aiken, Jackie ‘Moms’ Mabley was a stand up comedian during the 20th century. Mabley had a rough childhood, first losing her father when she was just 11 and losing her mother shortly after. During her teenage years she’d been raped twice and gave birth to two children who she gave up for adoption. Although she had a rough and horrid childhood, Mabely paved a way for herself to succeed

Mabley was a stand up comedian, particularly  known for her ‘lesbians comedies throughout her career she appeared on a number of TV shows and movies whilst recording over 20 comedic albums of her own. Mabley was labeled as “The Funniest Woman in the World”. She brought up topics, such as racism that was too sensitive for others.

When she was 75-years-old, Mabley became the oldest living person ever to have a US Top 40 hit. Mabley died from heart failure in 1975. Today is Mabley’s 121st birthday and comedians around the world should be celebrating the courageous and unique woman who made it a point to put a smile on everyone’s face. Check out her work below!

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