50 Shades Starting to be Pulled From the Shelves

50 shades

One college bookstore in Boston has recently pulled ’50 Shades of Grey’ from their shelves. Even though the E.L. James book has been out for some time, it wasn’t until the film was made that complaints began to build. An awareness to the S&M lifestyle. With the film rising questions about whether or not the relationship between the main characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is a functioning and healthy one or an abusive invitation to a primary dominant partner.

Once the complaints started to pour in, the Boston College book shop decided that it would be the right thing to take the books down. However, the complicated question started to arise when a reporter chose at random various college students and asked about what they thought about the erotic series. Majority overall the students did not mind the book and in fact the book store sold out in a matter of days once the E.L. James novel was released.

So the question turns into, okay if the students are alright with the story…then where are these complaints coming from? Well it turns out that the college thought that it would be better suited, considering that they are striving for conservative based on the religious foundations the university was founded upon.

What it comes down to is a conservative ruling that is knocking down a book filled with sexual activities and friction. Is this a mis-use of control within the lines of guidelines or has guilty pleasure books truly become a part of the banned book list? Will other colleges follow in suit? So far this Boston College is receiving some serious attention (not the good kind) and students are asking ‘Why not have a little fun with our reading list and give our naughty book back!’