Should We Stick With Taxis or Uber?

Uber Cab

(Photo Courtesy of GQ)

As an individual that knows the majority of her friends uses the Uber app, I’ve heard some interesting stories that have involved some characters driving behind the wheel. I prefer to take cabs still yet the fact that Uber does seem to have the upper hand when it comes to my change pocket, there are too many sexual assault charges coming from the Uber world. Coming from the Washington D.C. area to Orlando, Oklahoma, L.A. and Boston the fact that someone would be paying someone to take them in a destination, doesn’t give anyone the right to start issuing an assault against any gender.

Even though the Uber company does a compelling back ground check, this type of situation is still occurring. Since acts of assault can be reported, numerous city police officials do not track whether or not they happen in a Taxi or a Uber. Even some accusations go unrecognized, some individuals have filed with the police and others have taken it to the driver rating system that Uber provides.

But what a lot of patrons do not know is that Uber has many loop holes that allow criminal felons to register under to become a driver. What concerns individuals is that, depending on the crime…and if it had been for sexual assault this could have been prevented.

Case in point, taxi’s have a fingerprint background check that can bring up the person up immediately while Uber can only trace back maybe the last seven years and they happen to still be having trouble with their systems about exactly who is working for them.

It’s one of those things, to help lower this new unsettling trend that is steady popping up. Take a friend if you intend to use the Uber app, just as a sole safety pro-caution. Be safe out there ladies.

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