The Quantum Theory of Happiness

Feeling down?

We all have had that day when nothing goes right. The toaster burns your breakfast, the speeding car splashes mud over your new shoes, and to top it off you forgot the presentation at home.You burn the midnight oil adding the finishing touches to it, and the project sits, on your desk where you left it last night. Nothing else can go wrong. Right?  And that’s right! Nothing else will go wrong, because when the sky gets the darkest, sunrise soon follows. Things can only get better now, especially if you start believing that whether it was a bad day, a bad week, or a bad year, this instant- this very microsecond, you have the power to stop time and turn things around. Make this your day, your week, and your year.

There is a magic trick no one talks about, and yet you hear people repeat the sentence every other day. Intrigued? Well, you will be surprised after realizing how many times you’ve heard the “mantra”, yet never realized the secret meaning behind it… People say happiness lies in the smallest things. And truly, it is the smallest things that make us happy. How, you ask? That’s the trick, and your humble writer is willing to share.

Whenever you’re unhappy, sad, exhausted, angry, or a combination of any of these, just take minute to yourself. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and pause. Pause everything around you. Pause the flow of water, the movements of clouds across the sky and pause the earth moving around the sun. Pause everything that you know of. Now, let’s try to think of the smallest movements going on around you.

The gentle beat of your heart. A small weed growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. The sweet, rich taste of honey or sugar or chocolate on your tongue. That one gust of cool wind through your hair when the day has been really hot.

Let’s think of other movements going around in some other part of the world, in slow motion. Butterflies flapping their wings, the taste of flowers on their limbs. Rain drops hitting shallow puddles. Dust glittering like diamonds in the afternoon sun. People sighing after the first sip of coffee. Feathers gently gliding through the air after birds take flight. Shooting stars. (Honestly, even if you haven’t seen one, as I haven’t, somewhere, in some part of the world, it’s happening.)

Now, let’s try to go to an even smaller level. Let’s think of the atoms and molecules that make us up. How the electrons move around the nucleus to the same inaudible harmony to which the planets move around the sun. How the sub atomic particles dance around each other the same way we dance with strangers in the subway. How, as if by some enchanted agreement, the molecules are arranged in a way that makes you, you. Your smiles, and your hair, the color of your eyes, and the moons on your nails.

You are a part of something. All the independent motions going around- the falling snow landing on your nose, waves washing seashells ashore, and you finding your favorite color amongst them, someone making their first email account because you told them to, the smile you give to a stranger on the other side of the road when your eyes meet- they are all a part of something big, and you are a part of them. That makes them a part of you. So it doesn’t matter if you ate burnt toast in the morning, or if you left your hard work at your desk. You have the power to make the sun set and the moon rise. Atom by atom, at the quantum level, you are connected to all the twinkling stars and lightning strikes at midnight. If that isn’t a reason to be insanely happy yet, then try to remember how you make up the universe. You need to believe in yourself and in the quantum theory of happiness.

After all, it’s not the sun, but our smiles that light up the world.

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