Want to Discriminate? Move to Indiana

Indiana governor, Mike Pence revealed that he will sign SB101, which is a law that allows business to discriminate against the public. This means, they can put a sign on their door saying ‘no gays’ or ‘no blacks’ and use their religion and their beliefs as an excuse. As many people know Indiana is known for many things; from Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana to GenCon in Indianapolis and Indiana University of Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana.

Those are just a few things that made being a Hoosier so great, but once Pence sign SB101, things will change everywhere around the state. Why? Because, this is nothing more than a discrimination law, that slowly bring back the segregation of its residents.  Fans, friends, residents, etch let Governor Pence know how you feel about this bill. Give him a call: 317-232-4567.

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