Breastfeeding, Can it Lead To a Higher Intellect?

mother breastfeeding
During a 30 year study coming out of Brazil, there was a series of individuals who were breastfed as babies that showed that they not only ended up having a higher scoring I.Q. but also ended up having a more decent pay wage throughout their adulthood. Breastfeeding has always been a serious debate among this current particular generation because of the mere fact that a mother could possibility feed her child in public. You’ve seen the headlines and news reports but have we ever really thought twice about it, until someone started to point a finger at what some will call un-natural. Yet nearly every young adult now was breastfed at some point when they were born. Not only is this a more profound way to allow a growing infant to achieve the nutrients that are crucial in that developmental stage, but the family as a whole ends up saving money when it comes to not having to buy formula until the time calls for it.

However, theories can pan out and loose traction. Within the study starting at around 5,000 plus participants, the scientists where able to successfully follow-up with 3,000 plus individuals based on their breastfeeding habits. Which would result to about a 60% passing grade that the higher I.Q question would in fact be true.

It comes down to one question, will a mother breastfeed her child or not? Depending on the benefits it ultimately comes down to a mother’s decision. Hopefully there will be more information in the near future to further this project along.

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