Education? Oh, you mean my grades?

“The love of learning,

The sequestered nooks,

And all the sweet serenity of books.”

 -H.W. Longfellow

‘The love of learning’ –someone needs to heave a big, theatrical sigh here-  is something seen once in a blue moon nowadays. Education and knowledge have lost their true meaning enlightenment. Education nowadays serves as a means, to add a degree to our resume in hopes of getting employed. No one goes to school or college considering themselves fortunate enough to receive blessings in the temple to knowledge; they sulk and mope, brawling over their home works and examination. Barring a few rare cases, no student on earth opens his/her text books in the light of attaining knowledge, rather than studying for the class tests late at night.

Indeed, education has lost its sole purpose, and the present generation, so “allergic to books”, doesn’t know what it’s missing out. The art of Picasso and Michaelangelo, the theories of Aryabhatta and Chanakya, the discoveries of Newton, the inventions of da Vinci, the valor of Napoleon- there is a lesson to be learnt from each of them, and this is what knowledge is. This is what education is supposed to be- the biggest milestones of humanities, summarised and presented to us in the form of books.

Education is not merely a matter of passing examinations, but all students more or less, believe it otherwise and follow this like religion. “Unless you study, you will fail,” has become the new mantra instead of “unless you study, you won’t know, you won’t learn.”

Education is supposed to enlighten, be daylight to the darkness of unawareness. Instead, society has turned it into something else- an eclipse rather, shackling our freedom and sanity. Receiving education- going to schools, colleges and even further studies- is no longer something people look forward to; rather it’s a phase they have to go through, whether they like it or not. The society, family, friends, teachers build up a pressure- a tomb made of bricks of home works and cement of coaching classes that seem to bury us alive. They are chained to books, day and night, so much that they begin to resent what is the only way of enlightening our minds.

The education system needs to be changed, the tension needs to be de-pressurized and society needs to understand that getting A+ is not the only way of achieving happiness; that education is not merely a matter of passing exams and getting a degree.

Lets make a difference.

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