Rihanna is Changing History

 Rihanna and Dior

After Rihanna was revealed as the newest face for Dior she also has a lot to celebrate because recently she was named the creative director for the clothing line PUMA. Then to top it all off she has a new animated film coming out called Home released by the DreamWorks production company.

Starting with her new home at Dior, the french house hold name went on record stating that Rihanna was now apart of their modeling team and Rihanna has even stated that she felt “fantastic” about the involvement. Even more so, she just so happens to be the first black woman to be apart of the Dior world.

As the new creative director for PUMA, where they even named Rihanna a global ambassador. What caused PUMA to go with Rihanna as their definitive decision? Well she gave them the idea that instead of just using a face to sell their product they should direct more of their attention to women and the women who want to wear sportswear. Funny enough sportswear for women, in a way doesn’t exist like we think it should. But thanks to Rihanna she has taken her full control to change that idea, also the company expressed that Rihanna’s work ethic was one of the top notch reasons they wanted to work with her.

Now for the new DreamWorks film Home, an animated film about a teenager girl who ends up loosing her mother to an alien race that is relocating people to a Desert Planet. The teenage girl named Tip ends up on this wild adventure with an alien in the events of finding her mother and returning to her home. With the overall message of the bonds that are created between a mother and daughter, this film is sure to break a few hearts as well as having the audience cheering at wonderment in the end.

Rihanna has a full plate… however, that does not mean she isn’t backing down. We’ve needed someone who can help shape the world in a way that helps women and not present the image that is being given out that ‘seems’ right instead of what is in reality a true woman.

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