Things to do before you die- Festival of Colors

Were you the “artist of the future” as a child, coloring and doodling and sketching wherever you could, including walls of your house? Did you love to prank on your friends, but in a harmless sort of way so that both of you ended in laughter and giggles? Wouldn’t you love to revisit those childhood days and have a slice if that carefree life again? Life has this crazy rule- if you really, really want something with all your heart, you always get it. The festival of Colors has a surefire way of bringing those nostalgic memories back.

Holi, the festival of Colors, the festival of love, is a Hindu festival celebrated in India, Nepal, and mainly South East Asia. However with the assent of globalization, it has also gained popularity in parts North America and Europe as well. It is a spring festival celebrated according to the Hindu calendar, usually in the month of March.

With the ritualistic bonfire the previous night, signifying the victory of good over evil, the morning starts with a frolic of colored powder and water balloons and giggles- mostly coming from the little ones- and screams-coming from the surprised adults who have been targeted with the makeshift weapons for the day. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the “hurly burly” of colors and music that follows. Bhaang, the traditional intoxicating drink, is one of the surprises that adds flavor to the fest. The evenings however, are meant for sobering up and spreading cheer by visiting friends and relatives.

People say that festivals are just excuses to mingle with loved ones, to forget all fears for some time and to become a child again. Holi is a perfect example of how friends and family add colors to your life, both literally and figuratively. Bollywood had portrayed the spirit of Holi very accurately in the following video from the 2013 movie “Yeh Jawani hain Deewani”.

Let’s do something different. Let’s make a difference in our lives.

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