Tyrese Gibson: ‘Black Rose Universe,’ Dumb Shit & Life

Tyrese on Black Rose University, Paul Walker and much more!


black ty

When your hear ‘Tyrese Gibson’ what comes to mind? Jodi and Yvette? The inspirational videos he post frequently on his Facebook and Instagram pages? Or maybe it’s one of your favorite 90’s jams. Whatever it may be, you all probably concur that Tyrese is a talented man of many words, especially when it comes being real, but positive. Tyrese, also known as Black Ty recently opened up about his personal life, fatherhood and so much more with interviewers on his ‘Dumb Shit’ interview.

If you follow Tyrese on any of the social networks he’s linked with, then there are several things you already know about him. He has an album, ‘Black Rose’ dropping on July 7, 2015, he’s going to keep it real (despite feelings being hurt), he’s loves giving advice and most of all he is a man of God and he loves Shayla, his 7-year old daughter.

      BlackRose not…

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