Tyrese Gibson: ‘Black Rose Universe,’ Dumb Shit & Life

black ty

When your hear ‘Tyrese Gibson’ what comes to mind? Jodi and Yvette? The inspirational videos he post frequently on his Facebook and Instagram pages? Or maybe it’s one of your favorite 90’s jams. Whatever it may be, you all probably concur that Tyrese is a talented man of many words, especially when it comes being real, but positive. Tyrese, also known as Black Ty recently opened up about his personal life, fatherhood and so much more with interviewers on his ‘Dumb Shit’ interview.

If you follow Tyrese on any of the social networks he’s linked with, then there are several things you already know about him. He has an album, ‘Black Rose’ dropping on July 7, 2015, he’s going to keep it real (despite feelings being hurt), he’s loves giving advice and most of all he is a man of God and he loves Shayla, his 7-year old daughter.

      Black Rose not only signifies Tyrese’s final solo album, but its a compilation of many achievements he has achieved. Tyrese has chosen to put together and present ‘Black Rose Universe’ to his family, friends and fans. From being granted joint custody of Shayla, to starring in a musical (Shames) alongside Jennifer Hudson,  to writing another book, as well everything else he has going for himself is what he considers Black Rose Universe.

‘Black Rose’  is a double album which has 10 Rap tracks and 10 R&B tracks. Tyrese compares his album to Ushers’ ‘Confessions.’

I be doing dumb shit that I’m ashamed of.  I feel like this album is my most honest album, it’s my most uncomfortable album and it’s my truth, even if it embarrasses me, I’m telling my truth.

The singles on Black Rose each signify something from Tyrese’s past relationships.

I be doing dumb shit and I ashamed of it, but I’ll be waiting on you because your love is unbelievable.

Each of the words are also titles to his songs; songs in which he express himself on and make confessions on, just as he did on ‘Dumb Shit’ which features Snoop Dogg. If you haven’t heard the song or video yet check it out!

Tyrese is also known for  his acting skills, from ‘Baby Boy’  to ‘Biker Boyz’ to the ‘Fast and Furious’ sequel, he’s always been able to jump into any character and give the directors, producers and the audience exactly what they want- a good show. ‘Furious 7,’ the latest film in the ‘Fast and Furious’  sequel is about more revenge and ‘hide-n-seek.’  Check out the trailer.

The film had been put on hold for nearly two years after the death of Paul Walker, who was not only a co-star of Black Ty’s, but also a good friend.

Paul Walker was literally an angel. Paul Walker was the nicest guy in the world that you could ever know and meet. He was a sincere soul. He was the nicest guy ever and I think the world knew it. So it’s kind of hard to let it go, to shake it. We had so many different moments of laughter and exchange of stories about our daughters and just fatherhood.

Tyrese recalled the day when he and Paul Walker had become best friends, after realizing the two share similar taste in women. To this day, Gibson says that it’s still hard to get over their ‘brothers’ death, especially now that it’s closer to the release date of the film and he isn’t ‘here’ to live the moment with them.

Aside from the album and Furious 7, fans should also be on the lookout for Tyrese’s new book, also titled ‘Black Rose’, which is a follow-up from the New York Times bestsellers, ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way’ and ‘Manology’ (co-authored with Rev. Run). He also as audio book  coming out, as well as a documentary which is ‘The Making of Black Rose.’

Although Tyrese is a millionaire celebrity and has a lot going for himself he’s modest and he doesn’t take anything in life for granted. His videos and messages are inspirational to those who may need some words of wisdom to keep their faith and remind them that God is on their side.

I have 1.2 billion souls, spirits and hearts I can reach with my motivational and inspirational messages.  

Tyrese considers his fame and stardom a waste if does not share his love, words and wisdom with others because that may help someone else become successful.

In connection to everything he does, Mr. Gibson is also involved with several charities, including, but not limited to #TheLoveCircleFoundation, which he founded. He got this name from his social his online social network community. This charity has many missions, one which includes ‘giving back.’ Although Tyrese has not went public with this organization, he will do so in the very near future and he want everyone (whether you’re involved with it or not) to remember this message:

Forgive faster, hug longer, kiss slower and any issues and dysfunctions that’s happening in your life between family, friends and loved ones- if you believe that, that relationship is worth fixing, put the issues on the table, pick them all apart and do any means necessary to not allow for unresolved issues to stop you from connecting from your family, friends and loved ones more often.

Throughout everything Tyrese has done and achieved as an actor, a singer, a rapper, an entrepreneur, etc. that’s not what he wants to be remembered by when it’s all said and done.

I want people to be able to say I used my God given stage, to start a movement and inspire and give people permission to want to be significant and do great things.

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