The Choice to Not Have Kids

no children
Everyone I know has children, while I love being able to help out and babysit them… I’ve come to my own conclusion that I do not want children. Trust me, this isn’t against anyone. Childhood was wonderful and almost reminiscent of a time when you could allow kids to run around the block and get into trouble without having to wear a helmet all the while flying down the hill on your bicycle. The saying goes times have changed. As a young woman that not only wants to choose a career, it’s been decided that I wouldn’t want to put a child through the agony of possible neglect because my career would get in the way.

Some individuals can envision themselves with a family, well I do to but I consider my friends my family and whomever I end up with hopefully thinks the same. And no I don’t think that anyone that has children is ruining their lives as people tend to think. It comes down to one thing, it’s your decision and it’s your life. Do with it what you want, I’ve just chosen to do this instead. Getting up without a seconds notice to end up driving for 20 plus hours to the Southern tip of California is something that has happened all too much within the past two years of my life. Why change something that could involve a sudden trip that involves world travel?

After watching close friends and friends in high school get married and have children, the gears in my mind started to turn and ask questions. Since I was 19, children (yes or no) has come up. There is far too much that I want to accomplish, far too much to do and plus isn’t that a question I should ask myself instead of getting the stares of…well why not? Personally too many things are changing to allow myself to have a child, I know I’m not ready nor will I ever be. I choose to be this way. And that’s okay. But if you need a babysitter I will completely help out it’s just one of my own is out of the question, I’m not ready to settle.

This just goes to show that peer pressure still in a way happens but from a biological stand point. The answers to the question to “Do you want to have kids?” can be answered as ‘yes’ and ‘no.’