What’s With These Men Portraying Women?


What does Tim Moore (Boy! What a Girl!)  Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie) Jamie Foxx ( In Living Color) John Travolta (Hairspray) Martin Lawrence (Martin) plus so many other men have in common? If you said they all dressed drag to fufill a need for a Hollywood director then you are correct.

Although, many seem to believe Tyler Perry (Madea) started that ‘Cross-dressing’ movement it was created long before he came along, portraying an old, stereotypical grandmother. Cross-dressing to to fulfill the needs of a character dates back to the 1600s, but there is a question that still has yet to be answered. Why do men choose to play these roles? Especially when there are hundreds of women who can play them in Hollywood? Katt Williams somewhat answered that question back in 2013 when it comes to Black comedians portraying women.

Whether it’s Illuminati or not is not my concern, but I just want to know, especially now in more recent days when we have men becoming ‘Facebook Famous” by stereotypical portraying women of Race in a very negative way and what does everyone do? Jump on the bandwagon and agree with whatever is being said. If you really take in to consideration what’s being delivered to you, then you should know there is nothing cute or funny about a man acting like a woman. He isn’t doing it praise women, but to mock women and everything they stand for. Madea is a ghetto grandmother, Martin was a ghetto next door neighborhood who was always going through something and that’s how majority of the characters are.

Now we have Eastside Ivo and others like who has gained fame from doing the same thing. More people are realizing, “hey I can get paid from dissing women (especially black women) so I guess I’ll do it too.” So when does it stop? When will you realize this is comedy this is disrespect?  Why can’t they make a living being a man verse pretending to be a woman?

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