When to Take A Selfie and When to Not Take A Selfie

Selfie explosion

(Photo Courtesy of New York Post)
With the recent explosion that happened in New York’s East Village that resulted in two missing individuals and over 20 others hurt in the fire. A group of individuals decided to take a mass selfie a few blocks away from the blazing fire that was eating up the the three buildings that were caught in the gas explosion. While the women decided to capture their photo on a selfie stick, a New York photographer decided to capture their photo among the devastated backdrop.

This photo went as far as being featured on the New York Post with the label ‘Village Idiots’ attached to the front of the photo. Can we even begin to express that maybe they didn’t know the fire was happening or is it clear that this group decided to take a happy, smiles photograph while something all to sinister and horrible was happening in the background. My first reaction was….is this photoshopped? Please let this be photoshopped, hopefully someone wouldn’t be that clueless?

There was even another woman who posted a selfie in-front of the building declaring on her Instagram that this was the ‘scene of the accident’. Really? Before the comments came pouring in and she had to delete the photo. Do people not think before they make an ill fated decision? What comes into question is, are there no boundaries when it comes to selfie culture? Is this the next step? More than likely a few will always try to jump over the gap to become an overnight sensation, however in this case you will more likely be disowned than admired.