The forgetful one – who lost her shoe!

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The glass slipper, the pumpkin coach and the midnight deadline- Kenneth Branagh brings the nostalgic wish ‘I want to be Cinderella when I grow up’ back to life with his live action drama on 20th March, 2015.

Though set in a European atmosphere, the 113 minutes movie has a Victorian tone, filled with corsets and petticoats and of course, fairytale-ish songs. Lily James delivers the role of the good natured protagonist perfectly- kind but courageous. Richard Madden is Prince Charming, literally, teaching how the best thing about fairytales is no one ever giving up, no matter how difficult the task at hand is. Helena Bonham Carter is the witty, generous fairy godmother every little girl wants. However, the most catchy performance was by Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother- starting from her powerful entrance with her cat, Lucifer, to her slow and sleazy debarring of Ella from her step-daughter to her maidservant.

Stellan Skargard, Nonso Anozie and Rob Brydon all add ambition, support and wit respectively to the story as the royal courtiers.

The costumes and effects not only charm all the pretty ladies and young girls in the audience, they’re bound to impress even the boyfriends, husbands and fathers dragged into the movie theatre by the femme fatale of their lives.

Overall, the movie is family friendly and quiet entertaining. The adaptation sticks to the original plot fairly. Happily ever after, the victory of good over evil, and kindness over cruelty- it has all the elements of the classic fairytale.

Your humble writer loved the goose, by the way. Watch out, geese don’t drive!