Furious 7- Vengeance hits home

Image courtesy: forbes

Even if you’re a first timer to the wild, action packed Fast & Furious film series, the seventh installment, released on April 3rd, 2015 (US), is sure to take you on a ride of thrill with its shiny cars and beautiful girls. James Wan as the director teaches the audience something very new – cars can fly!?

The story revolves around Owen Shaw’s brother avenging the Toretto family for the death of his brother- starting with the murder of Han (Sung Kang) in the previous film. Despite a few spine chilling scenes, the storyline fails to be as smooth as the rest of the franchise.

What makes up for the lackluster plot however, are the flashy cars that’ll make anyone drool, the few scenes where the said cars are jumping off from building and planes (yes, you heard that right), Michelle Rodriguez in a catfight, that too in a hot, red dress, and the final scene as a tribute to the late Paul Walker that would leave anyone in tears.

The 140 minutes will keep you entertained with groovy songs, cheesy one-liners from Tyrese Gibson, exotic scenes from Abu Dahbi and of course, Dwayne Johnson and that one scene where he flexes his biceps- not spoiling anymore.

Even though the film has a lot of areas for improvement, one scene which the critics would not touch is the exeunt of Brian O’Conner; one final ride with his best friend, Dom, before the former separates to join his family and the latter speeds off to another adventure.