Shopping Online and it’s Fast Pleasure

online buying

More and more studies have come to show that with fashion becoming more versatile and easy to access by using apps and shopping online in general. May actually be causing our brains to fill up with that pinch of pleasure and come on who doesn’t love a bargain. With this in mind, scientists actually uncovered that compared with an item of clothing to it’s bargain price we practically can’t help but purchase, hard-wiring ourselves to spend.  Feeding our neurological mindset, which usually means a ton of shoes will be left in the back of our closets an dresses that have yet to be worn. Is this fast fashion turning us into hoarders or do we need to find another accessible way to reuse these items, instead of throwing them out with yesterday’s garbage?

This neurological stimulation will also lead to people buying things they don’t need. Just like being on a high and without any real focus you’ll punch in your credit card number and in 4-6 business days be graced with a mixing bowl you do not remember even buying.

However, did you know big names like H&M and Forever 21 knew this, and are continually growing because the more they sell, the more they lower their prices the more consumer reliance they can count on. So with this excess buying has now been linked to compulsive buying…which can turn into an uncontrollable debt problem. This is being brought up once again because the more and more we spend, debt rises and well after a while you can only sell so much of your stuff before it starts to be thrown away. How do we know when to stop and when to buy just for ourselves? Finding a balance is key.