Why Do We Love the Fast & Furious Franchise?

furious 7
As Furious 7 makes a big bucks weekend at the box office, why do we love these films enough to go see the seventh installment? While being a standard B action film when it first came out, making the characters seem all too serious when it comes to driving fast and having meaningless conversations to the fourth film that gives the franchise a back bone and story worth noticing. Even though our dopamine levels rise to the highest point probably while watching these films. Anything with explosions, car chases and races to sexy actors and actresses. This franchise is the very reason to be an action addicted movie junkie. Racking up to 821 minutes of total annihilation and mind tingling on-screen fun.

After director Lin gave the script another look through allowing the actors to embrace their humors and boy buddy sidekick, it’s all about family reassurance. The 6th installment added to a thickening plot (whether there is a true plot or not remains to be seen) but reintroduces Michelle Rodriquez after subsequently being killed off…off screen. However, do not lose faith every once in a while, to expect the modern world, seeing a film such as Furious 7 is needed.

By sticking to the name Fast & Furious you get exactly what you hope for or not. Fast entertainment, escaping a hard day that can be fueled with wishes to be a fast track driver to entering parties that are far beyond wild. Using our  imaginations to power down is one thing but the Furious franchise has allowed every viewer to enjoy total and complete annihilation…depending on what the circumstances are, is what we need…a break from ourselves and the working world.

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