The Mad Men Saga

Mad Men

(Photo courtesy of GQ)

Mad Men will be coming to its end this year and without saying ‘goodbye’ right away, clearly the show has an impact on the every day pop culture world. While bringing back certain fashions, making retro a thing of the present and giving every girl a reason to adore Jon Hamm…what happens when a widely popular television show comes to an end? Can we expect mass chaos or a sorrowful empty AMC channel? Some will experience the loss but now that we will be seeing our favorite main characters entering the 1970’s with fashion, style and an ending that will surely surprise the hell out of us.

While Mad Men focused around a detail in the 1960’s that was all too common (the advertising industry) it becomes an odd realization about how many different things since the 60’s have changed and things that have not so much. Encountering social change and radical governments that switched everyone’s opinion from one point to another. To even the use of birth control and how secret something like that had to be. We were given an open window to an era that our parents or grandparents where a part of.

Then of course, the possibility of any spin off’s would be welcomed with open arms…this show, since it is on it’s high arc should end that way. However, do not be too sad the golden age of television that this era has happened upon is far from over. Stay tuned.

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