Transformation Tuesday: From Yvette & Jody to Tyrese & Taraji


Both Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese Gibson was known before Baby Boy, but that film did help put them on the map and increase their fan base. Anyone who has seen this movie probably randomly  say sayings from the film, for example I’ll change the names up while quoting the movie, so instead of Jody, I’ll say a guys name who I know.

This movie will always be a classic, not only because everyone loves it, but because it also helped pave a acting career for Tyrese and introduce all of us into the beautiful and amazing Taraji.

Since Baby Boy, Tyrese has been in films such as Biker Boyz, Waist Deep, Black Nativity, The Fast & Furious sagas and so many more. As for Taraji, she’s has been in Benjamin Buttons, Hustle & Flow, The Karate and many other movies and TV series.  Each of them came from similar ‘hoods’ and backgrounds, so to hear their testimonials, their interviews and their inspirational stories and to see where they are all at now makes us all smile and gives us all hope that we can be who we choose to be and achieve what ever it is that we desire.

They have both came a long way in their careers and in their lives, they have both transformed into two phenomenal artist that many people around the world has grown to love and care about. Congratulations to them both and we wish them the best of luck in their future.


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