The Government & Facebook

For years, people have been insisting that Facebook is linked to the ‘Feds’ and it can’t be trusted. I could care less whether it is or not, but would it be such a bad idea if it is? No, I’m not crazy and no, I’m not involved, but just think about the things you seen on Facebook on daily basis.

You may see a few positive stories and videos, but for the most part it’ll be something negative, disturbing, illegal, etc. For example this video.

I get irritated, emotional, upset and angry when I see this unknown genre of videos pop up in my timeline on Facebook. The one things that pops up in my head is ‘who would do this and why?’ Then, ‘someone needs to teach them a lesson.’  There will thousands of comments and shares on the video with everyone wanting answers. If the government did get involved 100 percent with everything suspicious posted on the web (whether it be FB, IG, Worldstar, YT, etc.)  wouldn’t benefit more then it’d hurt?

Not to say everything should be monitored and watched, but videos like the one above, and others that are even more graphic than that should somehow be detected and the person responsible for the original footage and uploading it should be punished.

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