“He lost? Blame her!” -Media.

Everyone knows life is not easy for celebrity couples. The media doesn’t want to leave anything private- from what breakfast he had, to how many people she has slept with. However, there is a difference between expressive journalism and outright ragging, and reporters and journalists often seem to forget that.
India lost against Australia in the semi-finals for the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2015, on March 26th, by a baffling 95 runs. The media however, instead of criticising the players and digging out their weak points, started blaming the girlfriend of one of the players for being “bad luck” and “distraction” for the whole team. This quickly spread to socializing sites like facebook and twitter, and turned a supportive girlfriend into meme of the day. This not only is an example of misuse of freedom of expression in one country, but a fine case of sexism and online ragging that has diseased the entire world.

We all need to open our eyes and stop believing everything the media tells us to believe. Maybe instead of remaining silent and watching the media degrade our own humanity, we all should step forward and do something to change the ugly way the world is.
Let’s make a difference.