Do You Wanna Be Loved ?

Courtesy of Soul Head
Courtesy of Soul Head

Love is as beautiful thing, well it can be, with the right person. Some people aspire to be in relationship like Martin and Gina, Quincy and Monica or Jody and Yvette (#RelationshipGoals). But do individuals have real have relationships to look up to? They have music telling them love is amazing and making love is better. Destiny’s Child’s Cater to You is the the perfect example. They are portraying women who are in love with their man and willing to make love to their man whenever he wants.

Then we have songs like Trina’s F**k Love which features Tory Lanez. This is a song from the perspective of a woman who has being hurt and tired of love. So, she says f**k love and men alike.

In addition we have the music from women who have been hurt and turn into the man in the relationship and they use men for their equipment. K- Michelle would agree with this statement, in fact she does in her song I Just Wanna.

We often judge love before it finds us,  not that childish love that you thought you had a young s kid, but real love with a real man or woman. That love that exist between two grown and mature adults. Love may be judged because of what’s seen on TV, what’s seen in your neighborhood/ community and the music you hear. Just like music taught what love, heartbreak and sex is, it also taught about cheaters and made it seem like it’s okay to cheat.

The problem with that is when people rely on others failed attempts at love, they diminish their on perspective, because they don’t want to go through the pain, heart ache and the tears that comes once love has ended. That’s when people decided they don’t want be love (romantically) that is until they want to be loved, they want to experience love and feel it in their hearts and maybe they need a little heart ache to make them grown? But, who said love has to end? No one can put an expiration date on your love if you don’t allow it.

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