Kyssi Strong, A True Survivior


If you’re on Facebook, then you’ve probably came across Khyrstin Andrews (Kyssi) page a few times.  Kyssi, born on October 14, 2008 was diagnosed with Wilma’s Tumor in May ’12 and that’s when the battle began. This beautiful 6-year old was strong and a survivor. The devil and cancer tried to take her life so many times, but she said ‘no!’ She beat cancer at least three time, but today her mother posted a heartbreaking status via Facebook.

At 1:57am this morning my little Kyssi won her battle with CANcer, grew ANGEL wings and went home to be with the Lord. There’s no more disease, no more suffering, no more pain and she’s noe in the safest arms that she could ever be in other than the arms of her mom.

I find peace, comfort and strength knowing that Kyssi belonged TOTALLY to GOD, that HE trusted me with HIS child and that I did the best that I could with what I had to allow her to live a life better than many (including myself).

Thanks for allowing me to share our story, for trusting our story, for following our story, for praying for us and for loving and supporting us.

PLEASE keep mommy and our famiky in your constant thoughts and prayers as we remain KyssiSTRONG.


Another beautiful life has been taken away from us because of cancer and we continue to see men, women and children die everyday from disease. Prayers to those who lost loved one, I pray that you all remain strong.

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