Stop Blaming Your Past


Whoever said being a kid was easy lied, well according to some adults who had tormenting and abusive parents growing up. Being a kid is supposed to be fun, memorable and easy going, but to some kids, teens and adults it was or is the contrary.

While boys and girls are equally as likely to be victims of abuse and neglect (in 2012, 48.5% of abused children were boys while 51.2% of abused children were girls); the rate of child fatality is higher for boys (in 2012, 57.6% of child fatalities due to abuse and neglect were boys).

There’s no denying that abuse is an increasing issue in our world, but is it okay for individuals who went through abuse to constantly blame all of their problems on that abuse? Right now, there is someone looking at this cursing me, saying ‘you can’t say that if you haven’t been there,’ it’s true I haven’t been there, but maybe I experienced something bad in my life? Am I supposed to just left that effect every decision I make in life, whether it be good or bad?

Women who were abused as a child usually get into to a relationship with an abusive man. Why? Because that’s what’s she’s use to and it feels normal to her. But what about when ten, fifteen years pass you by? Is it still plausible to blame your ‘fucked up‘ childhood on the way you live life? Men will beat a woman and blame his father for beating his mother, is that sufficient enough to let him get away with it? In the world we live in it seems as if it is because we witness it every day.

When will you become that person that puts the past behind you and move on with your life? Often time victims of abuse question why their life isn’t going the way they want or why they can’t find happiness. It’s because you’re living in the past, you’re unknowingly waiting on someone to come rescue you or feel sorry for you. We’ve all been through some unimaginable things, whether it’s watching your parents go through an angry and bitter divorce,  being beaten or witnessing a parent being beat, watching a parent be hauled to jail, holding a best friend as they take their last breath in your arms,  watching a parent get buried, being raped or taking advantage, watching a parent become addicted or maybe it’s something else? You can’t move on and be successful if you’re still living in the past. Maybe you can work on helping someone else, someone whose going through the same crisis you experienced.

Show me someone who isn’t troubled by a past situation and I’ll show you a liar. You can’t let that determine who you are and who/what you want to be in life.

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