Tyrese Proves R&B is Alive on Black Rose Album

(Photo Courtesy: http://tyrese.starsite.com/)

If you follow Black Ty on ANY social network, then you know how happy and anxious he was to drop his last and independent solo album Black Rose. He built up the anticipation of fans across the world, so when it dropped, well before it even dropped we wouldn’t think twice to buy it.

Black Rose is for those of us who still believe in love and fighting for what or who you want, admitting when you’re wrong, not being afraid of love and so much more. There is a track to accommodate every mood. If you know you f****d up and just want to forgiven, listen to Dumb S**t,  maybe you share some characteristics to Sharon Leal’s character Zoe Reynard (“Addicted”) and you’re addicted to sex or someones cookie jar, it’s okay because Tyrese can relate to you on his track Addict. Now say you going on you’re umpteenth date and you’re finally ready to knock some boots, well When We Make Love will do the trick, especially if you start with Body Language, which to me is a strip tease track.

We all know that Tyrese put his all into this album, but to say he went out with a bang is putting it mildly- come on he is #1 in 12 countries and the album just dropped last week!

Tyrese did not act like some of the other R&B singers and try to change his image, voice and lyrics for the sake of the media or because it’s 2015, he kept it the same, which is why I love Black Rose. I am a die hard 90’s music fan and listening to some of these songs gives me that vibe, especially Leave Me, which is Tyrese spilling out his feelings and admitting how he’d feel if was left, how hard it would for him to live if she left him. A big congratulations to Black Ty for never changing up the game and giving his fans what they want- good R&B music. Remember when Tyrese said this on Instagram:

They say R&B is dead…. And the days of people running to a store to BUY FULL R&B ALBUMS – f**k that – pre order my HEART…

I do, because that’s why I pre-ordered Black Rose on Best Buy website and I even saved two dollars using the code #TyresseSave2 and I am happy I did because this is what I play as I drive to work, from work to school and from school-  I make up places to go just to hear that voice fill up every inch of my car. Black Rose is available on Amazon, Itunes Best Buy, Walmart, and Google Play just to name a few.

Now Tyrese has us all waiting to see what the videos will be like. I personally would like to see a video to Picture Perfect. Don’t know that that is? It’s easy to find out, just go to your closest retail store and tell them you want Black Rose, you can also download the Amazon app on your smart phone and purchase it that way.

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