Tyrese Speaks On R&B, Black Rose & Much More

(Photo Courtesy: http://tyrese.starsite.com/)
(Photo Courtesy: http://tyrese.starsite.com/)

I’m on a mission. I’m on a mission that’s much bigger than me. I’m on a mission that has been a little uncomfortable at times. I’m on a mission that, in most cases will benefit others greater than benefiting myself, so this is a very selfless move I’m making on the state of R&B.

Tyrese is known for many things- he sings, raps, acts, writes, motivates, inspires, and so much more. If you’re connected with Tyrese on any media format, then you know how passionate and sensitive the Shame singer is about R&B and Soul music. Tyrese recently opened up to writers around the world and discussed R&B, Black Rose, Shame (the film) and so much more.

Black Rose debuted close to three weeks ago and it is now number one in 15 countries and fans all over the world are falling in love with the album. Tyrese had been working on Black Rose for over three years and he wants fans to know that this will be last solo album. If you haven’t heard the album yet, one way to get a feel of Black Rose is by checking out the listening party, hosted by Vin Diesel.

Although Tyrese is obviously madly in love with R&B, he still loves rap, in fact Tupac is the one who he said influenced the title of this album.

It goes back to Tupac who had a poem called ‘A rose That Grew Through Concrete’ and I’ve always felt like I was a black rose that grew through concrete. South Central LA, every level of murder, prostitution, Crips, Bloods, Latino gangs, lost a lot of my homies to prison- 25 to life, playing basketball with the homie one day, the next day he’s dead. I’ve been exposed to every level of dysfunction there is and I could have been killed. I could have been taken out. I could of fell in to a life of drugs and alcohol. I feel like with all of the shit I’ve been exposed too, I feel like I was a black rose that grew through concrete.

Tyrese compares Black Rose to Usher Confessions and Adele’s Someone like You. Like Usher apologized to Chili, Tyrese is apologizing to his girlfriend of five years who he did wrong, hence Shame & Dumb Shit.

Tyrese has never been one to bite his tongue and in regards to R&B music, he has been very vocal about his feelings towards the genre and how it’s portrayed by the media.

I’m concerned that Deborah Cox doesn’t have a record deal. I’m concerned that some of our favorite singers walk into these record labels and they not messing with them because if they’re not willing to twerk or ‘watch me nae nae’ they just can’t get a deal.

Tyrese is right! Think of how many times you (women specifically) go to a night club and you just want to hear some good R&B and Soul music, but you can’t because the Jockey is too focused on being in love with ‘Coco’ and ‘throwing that ass in a circle.’ Now, don’t it confused, because I enjoy those tracks too, but sometimes I want to move a little slower and be in my own world. Then when you finally think they’re about to play your song, they turn it into fist pump music. So, Tyrese does not stand alone on his views.

The Sweet Lady singer had a number 1 single Stay (2011) which remained number 1 on Billboards for eleven consecutive weeks, no thanks to Mainstream Radio. Tyrese compares his single to Sam Smith’s Stay with Me. In Smith’s song he is backed up by a gospel choir. Smith’s song was number 1 on Canadian Hot 100, Canada AC, US Adult Contemporary, US Adult 40, US Mainstream Top 40 as well as so many others. It was also number 5 on US Rhythmic. If Tyrese would have had Kirk Franklin and the Family singing backup, would he still had of been number 1? Or would his song be condemned to the Gospel radio station only because it doesn’t appeal to certain listeners? The real question is how is it that Sam Smith music can get airtime on every genre of radio, but artist like Tyrese (who makes the same genre music) can’t? Is it because Sam has more fans? Maybe he sings better? Maybe he just presented it better? Or maybe certain radio stations only want to show love and support a specific kind of person? Who can really say for sure? No one, but the radio host themselves, but Tyrese believes they cover it up by tossing the blame on him.

“They’re trying to distract the people from the real issue. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

The issue is that R&B music has been getting downplayed for quite some time now and Tyrese is tired of it and he’s taking a stand.

The days of me being quiet and politically correct and just sitting back and just letting this shit go is over. R&B is in the pre-telecast at the Grammy’s. It’s not even in the main show anymore.

Tyrese is adamant about his beliefs and hopes he can get more people to get involved with this movement and help bring R&B back to life, he is already at good start with Black Rose.

Aside from Tyrese views on R&B music, let’s not forget everything else he has going on. Shame, the short film which he costars in with R&B singer Jennifer Hudson will be available along with his book, the making of the Black Rose album, an additional 6 songs to the Black Rose album and a cd by Black Ty, all of this together equals Black Rose Reloaded, so fans should be on the lookout for that in a couple of months. If you haven’t seen the Shame video yet, check it out below. This video also gives you an idea of what to expect in the film.

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