That Person You Should Never Trust #Part1

The Players Club (5)

Everyone knows at least one fake person, one grime person and/or one *clears throat* 304. These are the people who you can keep in your life, but you should never, emphasizing NEVER be trusted. Since M.A.D Mag is as close to real as some of you all are going to get, we’ve to decided to keep it completely (as the younger generation says it) 100 with you. So put them reading glasses on and take in everything you read.

  • So you with Samsung and Samsung is talking about LG like a dog, but then you walk in the nail shop and see Samsung and LG having them on good ol’ time laughing and carrying on, but you notice LG is mugging you. Don’t even try to figure out what is going on, Samsung done played you like a fool. I’m not saying cut him or her off but you better keep your mouth closed and ears open.
  • You express to Toshiba how you feel about HP, you been feeling her and thinking about getting to know her, blah, blah, blah. But you have a party one day and HP fine ass is on Toshiba  arm. That man is not loyal, that man is not your friend.
  • You and Windows been cool since the beginning of time, but Windows and HTC has also been friends for years, you can say they’re family. You see HTC man pick Windows up at 4 O’clock in the morning. She smile and says ‘that’s bae’ like you dumb. Get some tea from Kermit and don’t say anything, but make sure you don’t leave that heifer around your man- unless you want to test his loyalty because you know she obviously has none.
  • Galaxy, Phillips and Blackberry has NEVER liked Tracfone, they don’t beef or have words, they just don’t like one another, never have since kids and never will even in adult years. It’s been tension all night, Tracfone has been looking ugly and mugging and all that other stuff ugly people do. Galaxy and Phillips step outside for a smoke and through a big glass window they see Blackberry approach Tracfone give her hug and all that good stuff, but she keeps looking around. What did K Camp say? It’s nothing to cut her off? Take his advice!
  • Remember when you gave VIZIO an idea about something he or she should do different or you shared an idea with them about something you wanted to- You think nothing of it until you get on FB and see your idea plastered all on their FB page, talking about “I just had an epiphany…” There is no need in keeping them around they gone steal something you really want and value one day.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I’m happy I don’t have those problems,’ take one look in the mirror and face your problem. We’re not trying to bust up friendships or anything like that, we just want to make sure you’re not getting played and done wrong. If you have topics you’d like to discuss email us at!

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