Power Season Finale Recap #Spoiler


“Power” has been the talk of every social network, every Saturday for the past couple of months and season 2 finale definitely left fans mind boggled.

Sean’s body was found, Tasha was called to identify the body and of course she automatically assumed Ghost is responsible because he told her that he knows about their affair. Holly came back into the picture and exposed Ghost, Ghost and Tommy was close to killing one another. Angela and Ghost are finally able to work on their relationship without any issues- or so they think. Despite Ghost trying to kill off his own team, his plan failed when Robles survived the attack. Robles now wants revenge, he wants to team up with Tommy and take Ghost out. Tommy doesn’t seem to have a choice. Robles gives Tommy an ultimatum- either Tommy kills Ghost or Robles will kill Tommy, Ghost and Holly. To add fuel to the fire, since Angela threw Greg under the bus, he wants revenge and won’t stop until he gets Ghost and Angela behind bars.

Now when Ghost had finally killed Kana, how many fans were excited? I didn’t know how to feel, but one thought was, ‘he better not mysteriously disappear and survive this attack!’ So I was obviously upset when at the end of the episode, there was Kana and he somehow managed to pry the door open and escape. There was no blood drops or anything, so how did that happen? Where the strength come from? When we last saw him, he was pretty much on his last breath and he was set on fire. That’s like some “Scary Movie”  types mess, but we expected it. 50 cent is not going to kill himself off so early off his own show!

Season 3 will be full of surprises and will answer several of our questions. I hope that Ghost and Tommy become one again, but they can’t even trust one another. This show is filled with deceit and no one is loyal. Usually, at least one character from every show is a ‘good guy’ but not so much in this case. If I had to choose the most honest person in this show, I’d choose Tommy, even though he did steal money from the club, he was still loyal and had Ghost back no matter what. That’s much more than we can for anyone else.  Angela and Ghost are equally vindictive and deceitful, so they belong together.

Now, that this is all over, we can watch “Empire” and catch up on Cookie and Luscious and their family drama. Season 2 will premiere on Sept, 23.

2 thoughts on “Power Season Finale Recap #Spoiler

  1. Omg yes no one in this show is loyal except Tommy but I can’t wait until season 3 because I’m still trying to figure out how Kanan got out cause last I saw he was dead 👌I will be tooned in to season 2 of empire I’m curious to see what happens between lucious and cookie


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