Find Alesha Bell


“PLEASE HELP!!!  This young lady went missing LITERALLY 2 weeks after she turned 18, so her mother was told NO AMBER ALERT could be made because she is 18.  It didn’t matter that it was just a couple of weeks.  The last her mother heard from her was a text stating “If I don’t make it back home…”  “I need you.”  “I’m scared.”

Calls to her cell phone have not been returned, and her mother states that she received a couple more texts, but she could tell that it was not from her daughter because of the grammar, etc.
I’ve been posting flyers on social media…Everywhere I could think of.  I’ve gotten help from celebrities I work with that have shared on their social media.
Now, I’m asking you to please help me spread the word.  PLEASE share with your friends/followers on social media, forward this email or whatever you can do to help bring awareness to and bring home this MISSING TEEN, Alesha Bell.  She has a 2 year-old son at home missing his mother.”

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