Pregnancy and the Growing Public Criticisms

pregnant women

(Photo courtesy of Hello Magazine)

Lately a recent public criticism has come out about the pregnant weather woman who was being almost shamed for her choice in maternity clothes. Now first off, when a woman is pregnant it comes down to comfort and what not only will help her get through the day without causing too much strain on her or her growing baby is the only concern. How can the public be so…celebrity with the idea that at every instance you have to be a starlet to be on television. It even came to the point that this poor woman received hate mail…really…hate mail about clothing. I hate to bring up the old “there are more important things going on in the world than to be worrying about someone else’s wardrobe” phrase but it is truly the truth.

More and more recently we see in the gossip columns or in the general news about a pregnant celebrity that either is praised for her natural glow or ridiculed for her choice of outfit…pregnancy for all women should be a stress free zone (since everything can effect the baby in some way) so when it comes down to who to talk about and who not too…leave pregnant women out of it. Think of when a comedian goes too far with a certain subject or individual and a backlash starts to ripple through the universe. Same difference.

The matter comes down to, when did we concern ourselves so heavily with what others should be doing or not…when ultimately we should be a little selfish and worry about ourselves first. Not someone that is on your tv, computer or phone screen.