(Photo Courtesy: Marine Parents)
(Photo Courtesy: Marine Parents)

I was in Mrs. Faulkens 6th grade class at Darden Elementary when I heard the news. A plane had crashed into the World Trades Center- on purpose! My class watched the news, we said the pledge of allegiance and all of the adults were upset and some even infuriated.

People were panicking trying to contact their loved ones, people were either falling or jumping out of the windows and at that time I didn’t really understand what had happened. I didn’t know (or maybe didn’t understand)  that a group of al Queda terrorists had hijacked some planes with intentions on killing themselves and thousands of other to send a message to America. They succeeded and we got the message loud and clear, so now every year on September 11, Americans mourn the loss of their loved one and recall the day that changed our country forever. RIP to those who we lost and thanks to those who risked their lives saving others. We’ll pray even harder for everyone with aching hearts today.

Where were you on this day? Did this event change your life?

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