Aja Krys Libra Bash


Aja Krys, formerly known as Bird B is back at it again! A little over a year ago Aja Krys made her debut at her Mixtape Release Party (The Caged Bird) and now the South Bend  rapper is back at it again, but she is on even bigger and better things.

Aja Krys is now having an EP Release Party, to those who may be lacking in the music knowledge and/or terms, EP stands for extended play. This just means she has more than a single, but not quite enough for an album. This event is on Friday October 16 at Smiths in downtown Mishawaka, IN. If you haven’t heard of Aja Krys, formerly known as Bird B, check out her latest single ‘Turnt Up’ below. Tell us what you think. Does Aja Krys have the bars, lyrics and flow to make fans and audience come back for more? You be judge!


Twitter: BirdBeautiful_

FB: birdbeautifull

Soundcloud: birdbeautiful

YT: MsBirdBe

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