Hillary Throws Shade & Discuss Politics


If you’re into late night shows, then probably witnessed Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel throw shade at Republican Donald Trump on the Tonight Show. The two had a ‘mock debate’ where they discuss Hillary Clinton and equal rights, Donald Trump and his marriages and much more!

My overall favorite part was when Mrs. Clinton told Jimmy ‘pull my hair!’ Get your mind out of the gutters, she was just basically saying Donald Trumps hair is fake. After spending several minutes mocking Donald, his views on the world and politics, Hillary then shared her own. She said she want to increase ‘our’ paychecks as well immigration. I agree with her on immigration, but how many presidents for how man years has been making the same promise, yet minimum wage in some cities and states has been the same for years? My issues with these people is when they mention pay increase, they fail to mention that the cost of living will go up as well, so in reality we will still be in the same boat. I agree with Hillary views, but I can’t wait to hear her discuss them more in depth.

Check out the best debate of 2015 thus far!

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