Do You, Be You


There are some topics that some writers like to refrain from discussing or delving into because the stories can be too sensitive and too real. The writers of M.A.D Mag like get into those stories, get people involved and get feelings involved. It’s not because we want to see everyone being an emotional wreck, but because it needs to be done, I know this story is one probably a lot people can relate and after reading this it’s my wish that someone decides to be themselves after reading it.

I notice a lot people change who they are for society or their family.  It’s obvious people, both men and women, as well as children change their appearance based of what they see in the media and what society expects of them, but what happens when people work to hard to please and/or their family? I know of a few people who can’t live the life desire because they fear what others will think of them.

There’s a woman, who we’ll call Simone. It’s obvious to everyone around Simone that she has issues with her sexual identity. Many people even believed she slept around with so many men in order to avoid or possible make the feelings she has for women go away. Keep in mind Simone has never admitted that anyone, but actions says it all. She’d subliminal tweet or post to women she’d interested in, thinking no one would notice, but there’s also some wondering and nosey eyes behind every computer screen. Simone played both parts of the team and became pregnant, to satisfy her family who knows about her feeling toward both sexes, she marries the father of her child. She is now in a marriage she regrets with a man she may not even love, but since she love her twin daughters, she feels like she has to stay this man, because now she had two young daughters looking up to her, she has to show them what it’s like to be a woman. Being a woman means sticking your relationship and being with your husband until death do you part right? So how can she leave her husband to go be with the person who really has her heart? A woman who has always had her heart.

Or consider Adam who is expected is to go Notre Dame and excel, make all A’s and graduate Summa Cum Laude because his grandfather, father and older brother all did and now they’re some of the most known lawyers in  South. Adam only made through high school from cheating and drugs, so he can never survive college, not to mention to Law school. What Adam really wants to do is be an Architecture. So, why did he just begin is sophomore year at Notre Dame student doing what is father wants verse what he wants?

We can’t forget about Rachel who loves Jason, more than she has ever love another man, but everyone around town, including Rachel’s family knows that Jason is bad news. Rachel even knows that Jason is bad news, but she doesn’t care. After so much taunting, yelling and arguing Rachel breaks it off Jason, she tries to move on, but her heart isn’t allowing her to love another man. She gets a new boyfriend to satisfy her nagging parents and nosey family members and the man who her family practically forced her to be was another Jason, only worse and to make matters worse, the two have  a baby together. Rachel still can’t find it in herself to love this new man,  after years of abuse and three children.

Life is full of obstacles, disappointments and even more opinions. It’s your job to make sure you do what you want to do and be who you want to be. It’s not society, your parents or grandparents who will have to live with those choices, it’s you and if you happen to bring children into the picture then they suffer because you’re suffering. This us to telling you to do you, be you, please you.

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