Prime Time With QT Jazzy


(Photo Courtesy: Rod at Photo Magic Studios‎)

Atlanta Pop Princess “QT Jazz” also known as Jasmine Robinson talks music, hard work and what it’s like to be a fresh face in the industry.  One of her latest songs, ‘At your Best’  received 10k plays on soundcloud within a week after it was released! QT Jazzy has been in the industry for years and she has never disappointed her fans, but now she is taking her career to another level.

Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress- QT Jazz is the Jack of all Trades, (or should we say Jazz of all Traders) when it comes to art. According to the 19-year-old performer, “being an artist is sharing your life story with the world, flipping through the pages together.”

Of course my music would have to be my main focus, but in my music I enjoy most, and a lot people ask what do you like most: singing, acting or dancing? And I say performing, because its kinda like, doing all three.

Performing on stage with charisma and confidence, and getting back an equally enthusiastic response from the audience is what fuels the fire within the “Tornado” singer, and inspires her to write even more music. QT doesn’t get pre-performance jitters, she stays calm and focused, into the zone, as if this is what she is meant to do. Five years down the line, she sees herself on a tour, covering her favorite places across the States; Atlanta, Florida, Carolina, and of course, New York.

She also sees herself expanding the QT Collection, a , an assorted lip gloss line of Celfie Cosmetics, available for purchase on her website. QT Jazz loves makeup, and is thinking of introducing an array of nail paints, complimenting her lip gloss collection. Surprising news for all fans: she has also been considering a clothing line!

According to her website, she has opened for and worked with, multi-talented entertainers, such as Monica, B.O.B, Mindless Behavior, Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Issa, Jawan Harris, TI, Tiny, Kandi, and Lil Wayne. She dreams of working with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, both of whom she falls short of words to describe with, Ne.Yo, whom she considers the face of classic RnB, and Torri Kelly, the “good girl with a don’t-try-me attitude”.


Warm, cheerful and bubbling with a seemingly endless supply of optimism, QT Jazz answers a few questions that fans have been eager to know.

I: How do you balance your music with other obligations?

QT: I actually find the busier I am, the better it is for me, to just stay focused. So a typical day for me would be doing interviews in the morning, going to studio, going to dance class…It works way better when I’m busy.

I: How would your define the word “success”?

QT: (thinks) If I was to define success, I’d say I feel successful right now, because I’m happy in my career, I’m accomplishing my goals. Being able to give back to those who gave to me.. that to me is successful.

I: Do you like working solo, or in a group?

QT: I actually started in a group, [QT Posse], and I get the difference between working solo and in a group.. I was there from the whole process of OMG Girlz, from start to finish, and to see the decisions that they had to make, the sacrifices they had to make, I don’t know if I could’ve done that.

I: Why did you choose to play this kind of music?

QT: I think its very hard for an audience to listen to music that they don’t like.. People often make music that’s trending, and I’m like, I like pop music, I like R ‘n’ B, and that’s simply why I chose it.

I: Personal advice you would give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

QT: One, to train, because that’s one thing no one take away from you. Two, watch what you say to people, because people remember… and watch what you post online, because online, it’s a huge opportunity;..its like your own promo. You can be your own business.

QT’s biggest inspirations are her mother, and her brother and producer, Gphonics. She plans on releasing her EP very soon.

Get more of QT Jazz on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, or check out her EPK!