Google now into Fortune Telling?

Sadly, Sci-Fi movies haven’t been proven right, yet. Computers can’t predict our futures, aside from weather forecasting and the like. However, a new fortune-telling app, dubbed ‘Google’ Fortunetelling-Predict your future, a FAKE google branch is going viral currently.

Having an interface very similar to the original search engine, this is an initiative by the creators to spread awareness about the 60 million refugees with unsure futures muddy with discrimination and social rejection.

Typing in the search box prompts a few pre-set questions like, “is there a place where they will accept me?” or “will humans ever stop fighting war?” and pressing the Predict my Future takes the user to a -well, very unexpected page. We wont include any spoilers.

However noble the cause may be, betagoogle does nothing to solve the problem though. It just spreads an awareness, using Google’s name to attract more users. It also asks them to share the issue on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, the real  Google raised donations, matching upto $10 million to four related charities.

You can help the refugees too by donating here. Lets Make A Difference.